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The Center for Armenian-Czech Cooperation was established in 2017 with the mission of strengthening and deepening the relationship between Armenia and Czech Republic and establishing cultural and business bridges between the two capitals. The main purpose of the activities carried out by the foundation is protecting and propagating the Armenian language and the Czech language, preserving the cultural potential and heritage of Armenia and the Czech Republic.


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At the same time we focus our efforts on attracting investments, promoting the export, implementing development projects and fostering tourism. The Foundation also implements programs for cooperation between governmental bodies, NGOs and businessmen, carrying out joint projects, doing programs aimed to develop physical culture and sports, cooperation of educational institutions engaged in youth, vocational and higher education, environmental protection and sustainable development, tourism, small and medium-sized business promotion, providing free legal advice to Czech tourists and Czechs living in Armenia, as well as Armenian tourists and Armenians living in the Czech Republic, strengthening cooperation and development between the administrative units of the Republic of Armenia and the Czech Republic, implementing programs related to publishing activities, doing projects between the Armenian Apostolic Church and Catholic Church in the Czech Republic, doing charity programs for vulnerable layers of the population, poor families, disabled people, orphans as well as promoting the activities of orphanages, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals.


Travel with us to Armenia: the land of living stones, and to Czech Republic: the heart of Europe


Ensuring quality higher education is one of the most important things we can do for future generations


Get familiar with Armenian and Czech cultures that have their distinctive place on the world cultural palette with their unique traditions and customs


Social security, stability and equity


During your stay in the Republic of Armenia you are subject to the laws in force in the Republic of Armenia and while in the Czech Republic and you must comply with their laws. Protect your rights by fulfilling your duties.


Economy is the means by which we use today to make possible tomorrow’s developments